Nabhi Tailam & Bust Butter Combo

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  1. Nabhi Tailam: Belly Button Drops - 30ml
  2. Bust Butter: Best Care For The Breast - 50g

Bundle Description: Indulge in the perfect fusion of core and bust renewal with the CannaKing Core & Bust Renewal Bundle. Unwind with the calming effects of Nabhi Tailam, promoting feminine health and beauty sleep. Elevate your bust care routine with Bust Butter, a unique blend of lymphatic herbs and vegan omega fatty acids designed for the best care of your breasts.


Nabhi Tailam: Belly Button Drops - 30ml

  • Anxiety Releaser: Lavender, sandalwood, and Vijaya leaf extract create a calming embrace for the mind and body.
  • Insomnia's Antidote: Indulge in profound relaxation with Vijaya leaf extract, a potent muscle relaxant and natural sleep inducer.
  • Hot Flash Mitigation: Find comfort from hot flashes and perineal discomfort with Nabhi Tailam's calming synergy.
  • Abdominal Harmony: Sweet Orange soothes abdominal tension, easing twitching, irritation, and discomfort.
  • Menstrual Pain Relief: Clary Sage may help in reducing menstrual pain when applied topically.

Bust Butter: Best Care For The Breast - 50g

  • Antiseptic & Anti-inflammatory Blend: Frankincense, Pine needle & Geranium inhibit tumor growth, balance hormones, and help heal breast tissue.
  • Regenerative Properties: Neroli Oil reduces scars, pain, inflammation, and firms sagging breasts.
  • Moisturizing Hemp Seed Butter: Aids in healing breast skin and recovery of scar tissue post-surgery.
  • Blood Circulation: Fenugreek oil promotes blood circulation and milk production in lactating mothers.
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Vijaya Extract provides pain relief, muscle relaxation, and anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial effects.
  • Lymphatic Support: Promotes healthy drainage and overall breast well-being.
  • Toning & Firming: Supports collagen production for firmer, uplifted breasts.
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