V Care & Bust Butter Combo

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  1. V-Care Oil: Ultimate Vaginal Health Drops - 30ml
  2. Bust Butter: Best Care For The Breast - 50g


Elevate your feminine radiance with the CannaKing V Care & Bust Care Combo. Experience the soothing embrace of V-Care Oil's ultimate vaginal health benefits and indulge in the nourishing care of Bust Butter for firm, uplifted breasts.

V-Care Oil: Ultimate Vaginal Health Drops - 30ml Empower your intimate health with CannaKing's V-Care Oil, a gentle yet powerful blend of Vijaya extract, Myrrh & Frankincense, Yashtimadhu, and other botanicals. This ultimate vaginal health solution goes beyond, offering a symphony of benefits to soothe discomfort, optimize function, and provide natural lubrication. It nurtures your overall well-being, promoting restful sleep, heightened arousal, and energy levels.


  • Soothe Discomfort: Reduce inflammation, ease spasms, and alleviate soreness for a calmer, more comfortable pelvic floor.
  • Optimize Function: Myrrh & Frankincense support healthy blood flow to pelvic organs, promoting optimal function and vitality.
  • Lavender's Gentle Protection: Safeguard against bacterial infections and UTIs, while also soothing postpartum wounds and redness.
  • Hydrate & Relieve: Combat dryness, itching, and irritation with V Care Oil's moisturizing blend of tea tree and herbs. Enhance comfort and confidence.
  • Natural Lubrication: Promote intimacy and pleasure with this gentle, natural lubricant.
  • Restful & Passionate: Vijaya extract promotes pelvic floor relaxation, leading to deeper sleep and potentially heightened arousal and energy levels. Turmeric aids in improving vulvovaginal discharge, inflammation, itching, burning, erythema, and controls infection.

Bust Butter: Best Care For The Breast - 50g Bust Butter is a unique blend of lymphatic herbs and vegan omega fatty acids, meticulously crafted for the best care of your breasts. This fusion encourages blood flow, detoxification, nourishes breast tissue, reduces inflammation, and promotes size, firmness, and overall breast well-being.


  • Antiseptic & Anti-inflammatory Blend: Frankincense, Pine needle & Geranium inhibit tumor growth, induce apoptosis of Breast cancer cells, balance hormones, and help heal breast tissue.
  • Regenerative Properties of Neroli Oil: Reduces scars, pain, inflammation, firms, and tightens sagging breasts.
  • Moisturizing Hemp Seed Butter: Aids in healing breast skin and recovery of breast scar tissue post-surgery.
  • Fenugreek Oil: Promotes blood circulation, milk production in lactating mothers, tightens, and improves skin health.
  • Vijaya Extract: A potent antioxidant for pain relief, muscle relaxation, and anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial effects.
  • Lymphatic Support: Promotes healthy drainage and overall breast well-being.
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Protects tissue from damage and reduces inflammation.
  • Toning & Firming: Supports collagen production for firmer, uplifted breasts.
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