Nabhi Tailam: Belly Button Drops

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  • 30ml
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About Product

Belly button drops for feminine health and beauty sleep. This calming oil, infused with lavender, sandalwood, and Vijaya leaf extract, helps you relax, fall asleep faster, and sleep through the night. Say goodbye to hot flashes and discomfort – Nabhi Tailam cools you down and soothes your belly, easing anxiety and muscle tension.


How to use

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  • Anxiety releaser: Soothe the mind and body with the calming embrace of lavender, sandalwood, and a scientifically validated botanical orchestra.
  • Insomnia's Antidote: Surrender to the profound relaxation induced by Vijaya leaf extract, a potent muscle relaxant & natural sleep inducer. Also promotes eye health, relieves anxiety, aids in systemic inflammation, chronic insomnia and stress.
  • Hot Flash Mitigation: Find comfort and respite from hot flashes and perineal discomfort with Nabhi Tailam's calming synergy.
  • Abdominal Harmony: Sweet Orange's soothing presence alleviates abdominal tension, easing twitching, irritation, and discomfort for a centered and relaxed state.
  • The presence of Clary Sage may help in reducing menstrual pain when applied topically
  • Sweet Almond Oil, Rich in vitamin E, moisturises and protects the skin from damage caused by free radicals and UV radiation.
  • Roman Chamomile induces calmness and acts as a natural mood booster.

How to Use:

Using the dropper, put a few drops in the navel and around it. Lightly massage the oil around the navel for a few seconds.

Important Information:

Caution & Safety Precautions

An OTC topical product, not for oral consumption. Only for external/topical use. Not to be used on sensitive areas of the body. Discontinue use if allergic/sensitive to any of the above ingredients/ pregnant/ lactating and if not advised by your healthcare professional.


Proprietary blend of 500 mg Full Spectrum Vijaya Extract, clary sage, lavender, geranium, sweet orange, sandalwood, roman chamomile, vetiver, sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil.
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